Setting Things Straight with Mrs. Forever-Feel-Good

Setting Things Straight with Mrs. Forever-Feel-Good

I am pleased this week to welcome Texas Stready as my guest blogger. She sent this blog from Collier County Jail.

I am stable. I am learning to keep pressing on, pressing in, no matter how I feel. As humans—Americans especially—we care way too much about our feelings. “Does it make me feel good?”  is the $100,000 question of this generation.

I must come to terms with the reality that how I feel is a setup. It just isn’t that important. If it is, I can be bought by every feel-good scheme the world has to offer.

I want to learn to say “They are only feelings.” They don’t make or break me. They can’t demand anything of me because they are temporary. Not only that, they are deceitful. How I feel is a trap. It leaves me wide open with no escape plan.When my life flows from Christ I need no escape.

If I run to anything else other than God, that thing becomes a false god. Take a good hard look at the children of Israel and their much-too-long trip through the desert if you care to know what false gods will cost you. The Bible clearly states we are to have no other gods before the one true God.

How I feel is a normal thing. Nothing wrong with feelings. In fact, God uses them to speak to me and direct my daily choices and responses. They are a positive tool. Until they mean more to me than God’s voice, that is.’s Once they take a turn for the worse and control my choices they become destructive. A force that can be used to distract from the truth. The more I move based on my emotions, the further I get from the ability to perceive God’s will.


Finally, I am pleased to announce, I have determined to care less about how I feel and more about what God says. I’ve let the ebb and flow of Self deceive me far too long and it has cost me too much. I’ve wandered near and far, high and low, all in the hunt for Mrs. Forever-Feel-Good. She does not exist.

Life is full of to’s and fro’s, heres an theres, overs as well as unders. How I feel means far less than who I am. What I think amounts to less than what I do. Although one affects the other, my actions are what speaks to the world around me.

Obedience to God is where I find true stability. Both physical and emotional. What I do matters, but how I feel? Not so much. My emotions in this life will change constantly but the Word of God is unchanging and constant. I can’t trust my mind, but I can always and forever trust God’s truths.

The ironic thing is, when I believe this with all my life, it brings me joy and contentment that no emotion can alter.



  1. Thanks. I feel great….about you my daughter!

  2. Faye Sentovich

    Thank you for always being transparent. Texas has learned this from you and as she continues to write her story and her perspective, I know that many people will be ministered to. And, with all the life experience she has had (good and bad), she has the opportunity to share SO much with – and be such an encouragement to – the women she must be with, day after day.
    Is the book back on schedule? Can’t wait to read it!

    • Can’t do much on the book until Texas is here but we’ve been writing and collecting for a year now. Thanks for your love and comments – you’ve always been there for both of us, Faye. The whole long way!!

  3. Texas, thank you for putting this to words. The Lord used this just now to give me direction in a quandry I am facing. Last thing I want is another trip through the desert. There’s nothing like finding peace through the words of a loving friend. Thinking of you often and looking forward to the book coming out. Keep up the awesome walk. Love you!

  4. Dear Dear Texas,

    You are so right, life is full of highs and lows. I know that you have had your share of lows, but with God’s help you always bounce back. Can’t wait until you get home, I miss your pretty smile and your laugh is very contagious. Love you, Mary.

  5. Texas, your post really ministered to me and reminded me where I need to look when making decisions…NOT at myself and how I feel about the opportunities but to GOD alone, with a heart willing to be yielded and still. Would love to read your book when it is finished. Love to all of you.

  6. Sweet Texas, do you realize you’ve learned something it takes most of us a lot more years to “get” and some believers never do? It seems that in order to learn the things you’ve written about, each of us has to bottom out so that we finally realize HIS way, not ours nor our emotions, is the only way to peace and joy. Why are we so dumb and blind? Thank the Lord for His patience with us!

    I’m so happy for you and send love…

  7. Richard Green

    The wisdom that God imparts to you Texas is amazing . You have been on a long and difficult walk with the Lord God but each step he has been there and he has never stopped believing in you . Now you walk together and he is sharing his wisdom . Praise to the Load God Bless

  8. Dear Texas: Having watched you since you and Beth were in grade school together, and prayed for you through your many trials, I am absolutely thrilled to hear how you now love the Lord and depend on him every day. What joy for you! What joy for your dear mother! How rich will be the book that you are both pouring your hearts into. I know it will be a blessing to many and a great joy to you both to be able to work on it together! Love and blessings for a truly meaningful future. Barbara

    • Thank you for these so kind words, Barbara. I will pass them on to Texas. I will be posting another of her blogs tomorrow. She’s been rather amazing as a writer, don’t you think?

  9. What a lesson that we all should heed. You either live by your feelings or you live by faith. I like Texas, choose the later.

  10. Great blog Texas! You have ministered to me also. The Lord has truly blessed you with His wisdom. Thanks to you and yours!

  11. The rains must fall, the winds must blow….where ever the Lord leads me, I must go.

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