6 Ways to Become Change Adept

Keep/Guard your heart with all diligence; for out of it flow the issues of life.

Proverbs 4:23

shutterstock_623138921Change happens!

Some changes are positive and some negative but all of them impact us.

We can’t stop or control that they have an impact, but we can choose to deny and resist or accept and embrace. That choice will determine much about our quality of life.

Positive Changes Negative Changes
Marriage Divorce
New job Death of a loved one
Birth of a baby Loss of job
Promotion at work Illness


Here are a few tips for becoming change adept. Master these and you’ll become a person who anticipates, creates and responds effectively to change.

  1. Face life with an open hand policy.  Do not hold on to people, things, places, or seasons of life.  If you tightly grasp these things, you will automatically find yourself resistant to change and dreading the future.
  2. Realize that change shapes you into who you are to be.  Use change to enhance your life – Our positive response to each transition we face defines us and makes our lives what they become.  You have been shaped by the experiences in your life.  There is a master plan and you can flow with it or fight against it.
  3. Break with the past.  It takes tremendous energy to hold on to the past when something is taken from us through a loss of any kind.  Holding on to the past will cause us to eventually become exhausted, broken, and not able to give to others.  Finally we must let go and when we do, energy begins to pour back in.  That energy was being consumed in pain, sadness, fear, anger and it now comes back to be released in new relationships and goals.  Learn how to detach – it will give you new life.
  4. Release the fear of the future.  No one has a crystal ball but God.  If you allow Him to lead you, you’ll be able to overcome fear.  The opposite of fear is faith.  “This is the victory…” Love overcomes fear because love is stronger than death itself.  Perfect love casts out fear.  Your future is in God’s hands and so are you.  Trust Him to provide for you whatever the future holds.
  5. Live in the here and now.  Stay present to the moment.  You can’t be in two places at once, so choose the most productive place – the present moment.  You have been given the power to live well today.  This moment is yours – take it.  Carpe Diem.
  6. Guard your heart.  Remember the opening quote. “Keep your heart…” Your heart is control central. Before you evaluate how to handle a change that is taking place in your life, spend some time in reflecting. Ask yourself the hard questions of what you are afraid of, why you are resisting the change, Then begin to think about the good things that could come from the change.  Give up the control of your life to the One who will never fail you.  He will lead you through the change and you’ll come out with great success.

May you face changes by allowing yourself to consider new opportunities for growth and success. While you may be looking at a future that’s different from what you anticipated, why not choose to believe that there’s potential that it might be good as well. The secret of all your actions is found in what you believe in your heart.






  1. Cathee, THANKS for another bit of wisdom. Change Ahead! Isn’t that what our life journey is all about? Hard. Each point you make gives me plenty of wisdom to reflect upon much less all six points. It brings to light my word for the year, abide . . . so present, so daily-changing as I cling to my Lord in this world that spins me around at crazy speed and drops me in a new place more often than I can count. Change Now and always.

  2. Great blog, Cathee and provocative challenges!
    Because change has to do with time, I cling to the reality that the changes in my life are orchestrated by the One Who is time-less. One day we will be with Him, free from the constraints of time and change. It’s always safe to trust the Lord, isn’t it?

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