I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m not very good at small talk because I’d rather be engaged with you in discussions of the heart. What makes you laugh?  How about that ache you’re ignoring? What is this life all about? How can we come together and make it better?

As a writer and speaker I love stringing words and phrases to see what magic I can weave, all for the purpose of going deep and challenging you to live all of your life! I’m also crazy in love with The Author (Jesus) whose words I’ve clung to since I was a small child.

In the midst of all that joy, I have traveled rocky roads into sandspur patches and slime pits that nearly engulfed me. A long-reaching hand of love brought me back to a good path, time and again. I like to tell the stories of that journey. I’m still on it.

There’s so much beauty to experience and the world is changing so rapidly that I thought you might need a little rest spot where your breathing can slow, you can hang out with a friend, and where the space between us and God’s presence is so thin that we can almost see His face.

May you go out from here with new light for your path, maybe some added wisdom in a place you needed it, and a new friend for your journey.

Thanks for stopping by.