What is a thin place?

A thin place has been defined as a place where the veil between heaven and earth becomes so thin that we can peer into the other side. Jacob called the place where he saw the angels of God ascending and descending “Bethel” because he said, “This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven!” It was for him a thin place; a place where he experienced God’s presence up close and personal. There are many of these thin place sightings in the Bible.

Have you ever experienced something like that? It’s as though everything in time freezes and it’s just you and the One who created and loves you. It’s Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration or Peter walking on water or Moses at the burning bush. Keep your eyes open. There may be one around the next corner.

Would you scroll down to the bottom of this page and write a few lines about your thin place experience?



  1. Dear Cathee,
    I really, really enjoyed your teaching on the ‘VIRTUOUS’ woman. Years ago I was told that I was a ‘JAEL’ and I completely bore witness with that. This article confirms and affirms me in my belief. It has been a joy to walk in that calling and the LORD has given me many victories over our adversary due to HIS mighty and glorious power. The anointing truly does destroy the yoke and nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the captives set free. This pertains to bringing others to salvation, deliverance, healing, restoration, reconciliation, etc. Our great and wonderful GOD is truly the same yesterday, today, and forever. Thank you for sharing this wonderful teaching with us.
    Blessings, Chrissy

  2. Lynne Lawler :

    Love this idea of a “thin place”. FBCLP and my two years in Sebring definitely were thin places for me. Oh how I long to have that feeling again…the presence of God as close as my next breath…

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