Why It’s All Going to Be Okay

Why It’s All Going to Be Okay

Remember when you were 17 and thought it was all going to be perfect?

You would marry the prince, have children who adored you, and life would be a dream, sweetheart.

After all, you had Big Plans to impact the lives of others, to have holy influence. The whole world lay open to you and you knew you stood on the threshold of everything good and beautiful.

Me too. I was 17 once. I’ll admit that what has happened between then and now has sometimes made me question my innocent ideals.

However…while the canoe has drifted, there’s a not-so-difficult way to paddle back to the mainstream.

Maybe today, you could put your oars in the river and make one change that will make it all okay.

As I look through your responses to the survey we gave out a few weeks ago, here’s what you say you struggle with. These are you pain points:

  • Too little money
  • Health issues
  • Overwhelmed with life
  • Not enough time
  • Bad attitude
  • Difficulties with children
  • Problems in marriage
  • Lack of faith
  • Anxiety
  • No Motivation

Sounds like perfect peace is a faraway island on a distant shore. Yet here we are—most of us—saying we believe in the possibility of peace but sadly lacking in the practice of it.

Isn’t it true that if we believe what He says, it will be evident in the way we conduct our everyday lives? Can others watch how we act and react and say we breathe out peace?

No condemnation here – just holy reasoning together. So that we can live differently – you and me. So we can have the perfect peace He promises.

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You,

because he trusts in You. ~ Isaiah 26:3 NKJV

I attended a wedding reception earlier this week where someone who spoke a blessing over the bride and groom used this verse. Several times he said “Shalom, Shalom” as he explained the words. Curious, I looked up the Hebrew and found that, sure enough, the verse actually reads: “You will keep (maintain, guard) him in shalom shalom whose mind is stayed (supported, leaning against) You.”

Almost simultaneously, a colleague of mine who has starting blogging recently, posted her blog on the same topic. Peace – Sometimes it Seems Hard to Come By

Whenever that happens, I get excited because I know God is dropping something right in my heart. Exactly when I need it. He’s good about that.

Tiny rabbit trail here…do you know the full meaning of the Hebrew word shalom? It’s not just peace or calmness. Here’s the definition translated from Hebrew:

Shalom–completeness, soundness, welfare, peace

1. completeness (in number)

2. safety, soundness (in body)

3. welfare, health, prosperity

4. peace, quiet, tranquillity, contentment

5. peace, friendship

1 of human relationships

2 with God especially in covenant relationship

6. peace (from war)

7. peace (as adjective)

Here’s what’s amazing—there isn’t one thing on the list of your struggles that isn’t covered here.



 When Jewish people say Shalom to each other, it means a lot more that “Hi.” What they’re really saying is, “I bless you today with God’s provision, soundness of mind and body, contentment and inner quietness, good friendships, protection from war and completeness in anything else you may lack.”

If that’s what our God offers us, then what’s the problem? Do you think it’s on  God’s end? Not likely.

Then guess who is missing the point?

Read the words again:

God’s part—I will keep you in shalom, shalom or perfect peace

My part – I lean my imaginations and thoughts on Him and, as best I can, stay centered on His continual presence.

If I meditate on all the pain points, they will hold my mind captive. It’s always my choice.

I’ll take the shalom, shalom and see what happens next.

It’s all going to be okay. He said it will.



  1. Texas Stready :

    Great. I accept His shalom, shalom too. Thanks for the word.

  2. Cathee! It is so true. In Him, and Him alone lies shalom shalom. Such a beautiful covering. Thanks.

  3. This couldn’t have come at a better time.
    Thanks. <3

  4. Carolyn Sorrell :

    I have so many things going on right now that it seems shalom shalom is an impossibility. I know that with God, anything is possible. I believe He has worked out a place for my kids and I to live as well as given me additional opportunities for work. God is amazing, and I need to shine His light for all to see!

  5. G. Polly Jordan :

    I read this hurriedly yesterday and it started working in me. It worked on me all day today. I could not remember exactly what you wrote but the thought behind it was at work. Then I heard something today about Job and realized the devil was doing the testing to see if he could get Job to turn against God when God’s blessing stopped. It was then I smiled and figured what is good enough for Job is good enough for me. I want what all those old testament guys had. Then I went to my home group tonight dragging from weeks of physical sickness and dead from the oppression of a toxic work environment. And suddenly out popped the peace. It was easy to consider it pure joy the trials of every kind. In fact I cannot wait until tomorrow to radiate the joy I feel right now. Nothing will be allowed to penetrate. Yes indeed God gives us His part, now all we need to do is our part. Thanks Cathee for starting a work that culminated in a break through for me. Keep writing…both you and Texas. As much as us writers want feedback from everything we put out there, it is read by many who might not always respond but the effect is there nonetheless. Don’t lose site of this.

    • Dearest Polly – How I love your honesty! Thank you for your comment and the depth of sharing. I failed to write into the blog that the picture is of Bob who caught this little creature flying in the house. Those gnarly aged hands just remind me how God catches us and keeps us safe until we can fly away again. Blessings on you, my girl.

  6. I think HE’s trying to tell us something, huh? Great blog!

  7. A timely message. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Another “Cardinal” rule that sets us free. Love how our Father is us using all of you.

  9. Isaiah 26:3 is my most used “go to” verse; however, I had not studied out the word “shalom” in place of the word “peace”. Wow! Now it will have an even more influential effect as I pray the verse over myself as well as for others. Thank you for that! Consider yourself hugged, loved and prayed for!

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